A symbol for the modern day film industry.

The 1D Glasses


96% of Hollywood directors are men, resulting in a one-dimensional film industry. Göteborg Film Festival decided to take action, and in 2020 they became the first major film festival with a 50/50 program, were half of the films were directed by women.

We chose to dramatize the one-dimensional film offering we have today by launching: The 1D Glasses. A symbol for the modern day film industry.

1D Glasses — Case Study

We made 1D Glasses and sent them to journalists and other influential people in the film and entertainment business all over the world. We also made a film with classic TV shop feel, starring two stereotypical tv hosts, demonstrating the glasses as the must-have gadget for reactionists and people who want to experience the film industry’s narrowness IRL. The 1D Glasses was also sold online at Göteborg Film Festival’s webshop.

1D Glasses — Tv Shop Spot

We also created print ads and billboards where the ad space itself illustrated the unequal gender distribution in the film industry