The Slow Fight


Sioo:x is a Scandinavian wood protection brand. They claim to offer unbeatable durability that will keep any outdoor wooden surfaces out of trouble for up to 12 years. Sounds almost too good to be true.

In recent years Sioo:x has become market leader within its category and sales have increased in the Scandinavian markets. With one exception. The Northern Norway, where the popularity of oil-based wood care products for some reason seems to have made the market almost immune to "novelties".

The Slow Fight — Case


Sioo:x have made themselves known for making communication out of extreme product testing. This time we decided to raise the bets. In more extreme climate than ever before, but also by challenging the competitors.

We built a boxing ring at a location north of the Arctic Circle, known for  its Slow-Tv-friendly nature and merciless climate. We treated half of the ring, but let the other half untreated, open for any other competitor to take on the challenge.

The fight will last for 12 year long rounds to guarantee a true test of strength and endurance. To make it public we installed a camera and set up a live-stream for everyone to watch the bout live.

The Slow Fight — Trailer


Visit the campaign site to check out the livestream including weather stats.

↳  Watch it live from Lofoten at sioox.com